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The Sims 4 Blue Beach House Furnished / Casa de Praia Mobilhada

Monday, March 05, 2018
  • Lot Type: Residential
  • 20x20 Lot Size
  • $ 54,786 (Furnished)
  • Living Room, Kitchen, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Deck
  • City Life / Get Together / Outdoor Retreat / Backyard Stuff / Cats & Dogs / Laundry Day
  • Make sure to have moveobjects enabled before placing the lot
**IMPORTANT: I remove all the special characters and spaces from my packages's names, I use a program called Bulk Rename Utility for that, so be careful when placing this lot CC in your Mods folder so you don't end up with duplicated packages. You can use the Mod Conflict Detector to check for duplicated packages.
  • Tipo de Lote: Residencial
  • Tamanho do Lote: 20x20
  • $ 54,786 (Mobilhado)
  • Sala, Cozinha, 1 Quartos, 1 Banheiro, Deck
  • Junte-se à Galera / Retiro ao Ar Livre / Diversão no Quintal / Gatos e Cães / Dia de Lavanderia
  • Não se esqueça de ativar o cheat moveobjects antes de colocar o lote
**IMPORTANTE: Eu removo todos os caracteres especiais dos packages/mods que eu tenho, eu uso um programa chamado Bulk Rename Utility para isso, então tenha cuidado quando colocar os CP's desse lote em sua pasta de Mods para que você não acabe com CP's duplicados. Você poe usar o Mod Conflict Detector pra checar se você tem packages duplicados.

CC CREDITS (Thank you to all the amazing CC Creators!):

mxims / sanoysims / leo-sims / mio-sims / 13pumpkin31 / budgie2budgie / veranka/ xelennsimblr Simcredible / BuffSumm / Mutske / Plasticbox / 2sisstore / DOX / The Plumbob Tea Society / AroundTheSims / Peacemaker-ic / Cherry-sims / Novvas 

RECOMMENDED MODS (Mods Recomendados):
***DOWNLOAD: Part 1 / Part 2

  • You need to download both parts otherwise the lot won't look as it should in your game
  • You need to put all the packages in the both parts of the download in your game's Mods folder and the files in the Tray folder in your game's Tray folder.
  • You can youse winrar, winzip or 7-zip to extract the files

This is where I've placed the house in Brindleton Bay:

2 comments on "The Sims 4 Blue Beach House Furnished / Casa de Praia Mobilhada"
  1. Where can i find the house on origin?

    1. Hi, I'm sorry but I didn't upload this house in the gallery beacause it uses a lot o CC and I didn't want someone to DL it and they plop it down with 90% of its content
      missing and feel bamboozled. So you need to download it from here and add the Tray Files and CC/Mods to your Game folder