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Sims 4 The77sim Loft Stationery Decor Set

Sunday, November 19, 2017

  • Leather Pocket Tissue Cover (2 versions)
  • Minimalist Metal Book Shelves
  • Newspaper (2 versions)
  • Simplicity Metal Cup (2 versions)
  • Sketch Book and Pen Closed
  • Sketch Book and Pen Open (2 versions)
  • Total 10 Meshes / Original Textures + Recolors by me
CREDIT: @the77sim3​, thank you for the awesome meshes and for allowing me to convert them
→ Search for “The77sim” in the buy mode search bar to easily find this set.
→ These were converted from @ziva-sims‘s Food Conversion Hoard set.
***DOWNLOAD: SimfileShare
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