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The Sims 4 Casa de Família (Mobilhada) / Family House (Furnished)

Saturday, October 28, 2017
  • Lot Type: Residential
  • 30x20 Lot Size
  • $ 136,748 (Furnished)
  • Living Room, Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Recreation/Pool Area
  • City Life / Get to Work / Spa Day / Perfect Patio / Movie Hangout
  • Make sure to have moveobjects enabled before placing the lot
**IMPORTANT: I remove all the special characters and spaces from my packages's names, I use a program called Bulk Rename Utility for that, so be careful when placing this lot CC in your Mods folder so you don't end up with duplicated packages. You can use the Mod Conflict Detector to check for duplicated packages.


  • Tipo de Lote: Residencial
  • Tamanho do Lote: 30x20
  • $ 136,748 (Mobilhado)
  • Sala, Cozinha, 3 Quartos, 2 Banheiros, Area de Recreação/Piscina 
  • Vida na Cidade / Junte-se à Galera / Dia de Spa / Terraço Perfeito / Noite de Cinema
  • Não se esqueça de ativar o cheat moveobjects antes de colocar o lote
**IMPORTANTE: Eu removo todos os caracteres especiais dos packages/mods que eu tenho, eu uso um programa chamado Bulk Rename Utility para isso, então tenha cuidado quando colocar os CP's desse lote em sua pasta de Mods para que você não acabe com CP's duplicados. Você poe usar o Mod Conflict Detector pra checar se você tem packages duplicados.


CC CREDITS (Thank you to all the amazing CC Creators!):

mxims / sanoysims / leo-sims / mio-sims / 13pumpkin31 / budgie2budgie / veranka / xelennsimblr Simcredible / BuffSumm / Wondymoon / Mutske / Plasticbox / 2sisstore / Ung999 

NOT INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD (You need to download these separately!):

ATS4 - Coat rack, Baby Sleeping bag and Bookcase / Crate seat / Kid Backpack, Hand spinner / Card wallet and Key chain Eiffel tower / Perrier bottle and Candies / Agenda and Make-up bag Kitchen rack: storage / Cushions & Pillows - Kids and Rugs Geometric / Folders / Bread / Snack bag, Mails, Paper ball and Paper plane / Instructions on cardboard and Bandage Box / Decorative Car Valva Evasion / Baby Plate and Open Baby Jar with spoon /

Peacemaker-ic - Narrow Entry Door and Curved Arches / Classic Wall Set / Round Elm Jute Rugs / Occasional Bench / Wine Glass Tealights / Cabinet and Low Rangehood / Double Shower, Hooked Towel and Toilet

Slox - B2B Wall Decor / Coffee Table / EvaNYC Set

ANBS Morten Hallway BenchInaBadRomance Old Skool Lowrider (Child bicycle) / Minc Clarity Windows / Chloé Drew Bag (Decor)

Recommended Mods:
Clutter Anywhere / Alice Through the Looking GlassSaucer Light Size Override

**Featuring Dreamteamsims House Exclusives:

Milla Gift 26 Dresser Recolors / Bathroom Rectangle Tray / Bathroom Square Tray / Bed Runners Recolors / Contemporary Pergola / NUK Leaner Sippy Cup / String Shelf / Bowls / OhBaby Blanket Recolors / Pancakes / Planted Palms / Pseudodigs Rugs / Bed Blanket Recolors / Sport Chocolate / Square Plate / Ellie Backpack / Travel Books / Wardrobe Recolor / West Elm Storage Mini Desk Recolor / Parenthood School Project Recolor / Toast Can

***DOWNLOAD: Part 1 / Part 2

  • You need to download both parts otherwise the lot won't look as it should in your game 
  • You need to put all the packages in the both parts of the download in your game's Mods folder and the files in the Tray folder in your game's Tray folder.
  • You can youse winrar, winzip or 7-zip to extract the files
8 comments on "The Sims 4 Casa de Família (Mobilhada) / Family House (Furnished)"
  1. The Casa de Família house looks amazing and to include so much original cc is beyond dreamy. Sadly I downloaded both parts and still can't get it to extract. I've been doing this a long time so I don't think it's my system. Any ideas? Thanks.

    1. Hi, since a couple more people seemed to be having trouble unziping the file, I re-uploaded and it should work now so please download Part I and II again and I’m sorry for the trouble.

  2. I downloaded all the CC and both parts but there is still some things missing like counters

    1. Hi, whenever the game is updated some cc can stop working and that's what happened with the last patch update, surfaces like counters stopped working, so you need to fix the cc using the sims4studio, or download this house and its cc again since I have fixed the cc and uploaded again

  3. I cannot find the kitchen counters for this build. Do you have the link>

  4. Naya, nesses seus intens exclusivos, vi que tem uma colcha do Star Wars, tem pra cama de casal também ou só de solteiro? Quero muito uma de casal! x]