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Sims 4 The Last of Us Ellie Backpack Accessory

Thursday, September 28, 2017
  • Male, Female, Child and Toddler
  • 13 swatches
  • Found in the Hat Category
  • Custom Thumbnail 
  • Converted from eir-ung sims 2 conversion / Mesh by beiqi-sim / Recolors by TheRaven
 Please don’t repost/reupload
 Feel free to recolor but do not include the mesh and link back 
**** DOWNLOAD ***
CHILD  SimFileShare
TODDLER  SimFileShare
7 comments on "Sims 4 The Last of Us Ellie Backpack Accessory"
  1. your links dosent work :(

    1. I just checked and the links are working. You need to click where it says ***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare, then you'll see a countdown at the top right, wait 5 seconds and then click "Skip AD" (don't touch/download anything else!) then the SimFileShare page will open and you just have to click on the blue Download button

  2. Doesn't work for mine either. I get an Error page that loads instead, doing exactly as you say. I've been having this problem with a few others as well, no one seems to know what's going on. I've used multiple computers to do so (just to check it out, y'know?)

    1. It's probably your antivirus or anti-spyware that are blocking it, I'm afraid you'll need to disable them in order to able to download it

  3. Pikachu!! I love this bags :D TY ♥ #Fan #creative #artistic