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Starbucks Coffee Shop V2 (Furnished)

Thursday, August 17, 2017
  • Lot Type: Cafe
  • 130x20 Lot Size
  • $ 54,841 (Furnished)
  • Get to Work / Spa Day
  • Make sure to have moveobjects enabled before placing the lot
CC CREDITS (Thank you to all the amazing CC Creators!):
**IMPORTANT: I remove all the special characters and spaces from my packages's names, I use a program called Bulk Rename Utility for that, so be careful when placing this lot CC in your Mods folder so you don't end up with duplicated packages. You can use the Mod Conflict Detector to check for duplicated packages.
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4 comments on "Starbucks Coffee Shop V2 (Furnished)"
  1. This is gorgeous! Beautiful work!

    - SIMplydesigned (tumblr)

  2. Amazing!!! I'm currently building a house for my 14 year old daughter's save game and she is in love with Starbucks, so this will be a perfect addition to her town :D Beautifully done <3

  3. I love this one as much as i like the other version! This is Perfect! Seriously great job ♥ #Fan #creative #artistic