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SimSima Gro Flexa High Chair with Tray (S3 to S4)

Saturday, January 14, 2017
  • Functional / 2 swatches
  • Polycount: 17212
  • CREDIT: @yosimsima; thank you for the amazing meshes and for allowing me to convert them
  • → This chair has a high polycount and HQ texture so use with caution
  • Made with Sims4Studio
***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare (no adfly)
2 comments on "SimSima Gro Flexa High Chair with Tray (S3 to S4)"
  1. how do you find it in the game once you've downloaded it?

    1. Try searching for “SimSima” or “dreamteamsims” in the buy mode search bar or go directly to the dining chair or toddlers section.