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MXIMS Apple iPhone 7 Plus Override

Monday, January 16, 2017
  • 3 swatches (Gold, Rose Gold and Silver)
  • This is a Override so you need to CHOOSE JUST ONE!
  • Don’t forget to remove any other phone override from your Mods folder or you won’t be able to see this one.
  • I’ve made 5 different screens, feel free to change them to fit your taste/sims story
All credits goes to @mxims, he sent the phone to me as a gift and gave me full permission to share it Thank you again Max, you’re awesome!

***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare

10 comments on "MXIMS Apple iPhone 7 Plus Override"
  1. Replies
    1. Hi!
      Click where it says "DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare" then wait 5 seconds (there’s a countdown on top right of the page), then click “Skip Ad” (Don’t touch anything else!) a page will then open, click at the blue "Download" buttom and that's it.

  2. I am after the iphone7 for my sim

  3. do i need to delete the original phone file??If yes,what is the file's name

    1. No, just put this one in your Mods folder.

  4. I can't have all 3 colors in my game?

  5. how do i change the colour

  6. Haii could you plzz tell me where did u download the hair?