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Misc Requests (S3 to S4)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
  • Leaning Pictures
  • Mari B9 Le Cobursier Thonet Chair
  • Mari CH88 Chair
  • Mari Grouped Frame C
  • Mari Grouped Paintings A
  • Mari Penguin Dining Chair
  • Mari Penguin Lounge Chair
  • Mari Vintage 50s  Danish Dining Chair
  • NMS Chesterfield Sofa
CREDITS: @paisleyavenueredux, @driftsatellite, @simpaiistuff, @marcussims91, Nemestnaya and BillyJean
→ Sims 3 Original Posts: Mari's Set / Simpaiistuff 1,2
→ Some of the objects have high polycount and HQ texture so use with caution
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5 comments on "Misc Requests (S3 to S4)"
  1. Hi, I've always liked what you did. I've collected a lot. I want to ask you a question, some MOD will block the road, but some will not. I don't know if I can solve the problem in the game because I recently downloaded a similar one out of bed, unable to sleep, because it was blocked and I felt it was a pity.

    1. Hi, I'm not sure what you mean? Do you mean that some CC block your sims from walking freely? That happens specially if you the bb.moveobjects cheat to place the objects in buy mode. If that wasn't the question please try to explain again what's the problem you're having in your game, is it with any of my CC? If yes, which one?

  2. Thank you very much for answering my question! Because i like you made the cc!Your cc no problem.
    because you can make CC, so would like to ask you can not solve, I downloaded a big god of the house, but the bed can not sleep, because the top of the bed there is a decorative cc, similar to the bunk Bed, so would like to ask, how can not change the bed in the case can also be used.
    Because I found that some cc does not affect the use of other items, and some will.
    Is it because of the different settings in the cc process?
    Because I was using translation software translation of English, so a little bad understanding, ha ha

    1. No problem, and yeas it's something different in the cc making process, the person who made the bed probably didn't clone the right object so you could ask the person who created such cc or use a different on because, as far as I can say, it's not possible to "fix" this kind of problem, it's necessary to remake the cc

  3. That sofa is BEAUTIFUL!! ♥ #Fan #creative #artistic