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Yayasimblr MAC Makeup Set (s3 to s4)

Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • MAC Eye Shadow Set
  • MAC Face Body Foundation 50ML
  • MAC Face Body Foundation 120ML
  • MAC Lashes
  • MAC LipStick Closed
  • MAC LipStick Open
  • MAC Look In A Box Kit
  • MAC Pencil
  • MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover
  • Not all swatches pictured
CREDITS: @yayasimblr; thank you for the lovely meshes and for allowing the conversion.

*NOTE: The Face Body Foundation has a small texture glitch (click to see it) but nothing that a small photoshop edit can’t fix ;)

***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare
5 comments on "Yayasimblr MAC Makeup Set (s3 to s4)"
  1. this is beautiful wish i could do somthing like this

  2. Your SimFileShare links are not working. Is there any other way to download?

    1. Hi, sadly no, SimFileShare was probably offline duo to maintenance or something like that and you would need to wait for the site to be back up, though this is very rare and the maintenances usually don't take more than a couple hours. But it seems to be working fine at the moment

  3. This is awesome!! :D ♥ #Fan #creative #artistic

  4. SimFileShare must be down or something again. I've tried to download multiple things and I get Server Error 500. T_T I absolutely love your stuff! Hopefully it will start working again soon. :D