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Yayasimblr MAC Makeup Set (s3 to s4)

Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • MAC Eye Shadow Set
  • MAC Face Body Foundation 50ML
  • MAC Face Body Foundation 120ML
  • MAC Lashes
  • MAC LipStick Closed
  • MAC LipStick Open
  • MAC Look In A Box Kit
  • MAC Pencil
  • MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover
  • Not all swatches pictured
CREDITS: @yayasimblr; thank you for the lovely meshes and for allowing the conversion.

*NOTE: The Face Body Foundation has a small texture glitch (click to see it) but nothing that a small photoshop edit can’t fix ;)

***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare
2 comments on "Yayasimblr MAC Makeup Set (s3 to s4)"
  1. this is beautiful wish i could do somthing like this

  2. This is awesome!! :D ♥ #Fan #creative #artistic