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Starbucks Coffee Shop Lot (Furnished)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

  • Lot Type: Coffee Shop
  • 30x20 Lot Size
  • $ 19,784 (Furnished)
  • Requires: Get Together // Spa Day (optional)
  • Make sure to have moveobjects enabled before placing the lot
CC by me (Already included in the Download Link)
Starbucks Coffee Shop Set / Bread Basket /  Scandinavian String Shelf (Recolors by @hvikis​) / Tolix Chair and Stool / Kitchen Chalkboard Writing and plates / Milk Bottle / Orinoko Mugs / MangoSims Cushion

Build and Misc (Not included in the Download)
OMPS by Severinka / OMPS by Kitkat / Wooden Wall Planks / Half Life 2 WallsAmber Tree Wood Floor / Arch Wicklow 2x1 / Pulltab Windows / Nitrogen Wall Lamp / Ceiling Lamp / Sockets / Panel Structure / Trash Bins /Lizzies Ceiling Light / Industrial Door

Furniture and Decor (Not included in the Download)
**Default Override Easy Energy Espresso Bar / Cupcakes / Pie #1 / Pie #2 / Bread Collection / Bakery Set / Cake Tray / Donuts and NutellaStarbucks Paper CupCardboard Tray and Pastry Box / Starbucks Coffee Packs and Mugs / Retail TrayNewspaper / Wall Mounted Microwave / Counters / Counter Island / Sink / Toaster / Money / iPhone / Open Book / Fusion Coffee Table / Sofa / Chalk Board / Dining Table / MacBook / Loft Corner / Painting / Computer and Bistrot Cash Register / Magazine Wall Rack / Coffee Shop Sign / Bicycle / Industrial Plant / Wall Speaker

*** DOWNLOAD ***
SimFileShare (My CC included - 47MB) 
SimFileShare (Tray Files Only)
→ Search for dreamteamsims (Oring ID or tag) in the gallery

Enjoy! And please tag dreamteamsims if you use it, I would love to see your pictures.
11 comments on "Starbucks Coffee Shop Lot (Furnished)"
  1. I just tried searching for you/starbucks in the sims 4 gallery and you're not showing up! :(

    1. Hi, in the gallery, make sure to check the option "Include Custom Content" in the Advanced settings (left sidebar)

  2. Replies
    1. Have you tried to check the "Include Custom Content" option? If you still can find it just download the tray files in this post and add them to your game's Tray folder and the coffee shop will be added to your library, just make sure to check the option "Include Custom Content" in the Advanced settings (left sidebar)

  3. I downloaded it and appeared in the gallery but when I went to put the lot appeared a message that 200 items were deleted because it happened?

    1. Hi, The CC used in this lot is not included in the download, so you need to download all the CC linked in the post above and add to your Mods folder.

  4. I downloaded everything and I am still missing 66 items. Like the industrial style table that the bakery goods are sitting on. What table is that?

    1. The table is from here:, let me know if you can't find anything else

  5. Hi Naya! WCIF the "Sockets"? I'm trying to see what they look like in your images but didn't see a visual so I'm not sure which ones to get.