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Misc Bathroom Decor

Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • Aesop Soap Bar
  • Bathroom Soap Bottle (Aesop + CasasLindas Recolours)
  • Bathroom Soap Bottle Solids (Aesop Recolours)
  • LUSH Colour Supplements (+ Aesop Recolours)
  • LUSH Face Scrubs
  • LUSH Lip Scrubs
  • Oil Bottle Bathroom (CasasLindas Recolours)
  • Perfume Box (Aesop + @paisleyavenueredux recolors)
  • Reed Diffuser (7 swatches)
  • Wire Basket (8 swatches)
@chisimi at Home Grown, @paisleyavenueredux, Billyjean, Gosik, Cassandre, Mustlovecatz and CasasLindas

This set conversion and recolors were inspired by this S3 beautiful set by @pseudodigs
Made with Sims4Studio

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