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Kitchen Decor (S2/S3 to S4)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

  • Bookshelf, Industrial Table and Industrial Side Table by marcussims91
  • Chopping Board and Lemons by Nemestnaya
  • Dish Rack and Squeezer by Marilu
  • Cutting Board by Kativip (Recolors by me)
  • Kitchen Tray (Recolors by you-lust), Kitchen Cart, Milk Bottle (English and Simlish) and Oil Bottle (English and Simlish) by Billyjean
  • Lery’s Can by Mira (Recolors by paisleyavenueredux)
IMPORTANT: The Table doesn’t work as a dinning table; and as you can see the table, side table and kitchen cart comes with several slots but if you want more, its high is compatible with kitkat’s OMPS for counters.

Special thanks to lexiconluthor for the slots tutorial ♥
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