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dreamteamsims + 2K Tumblr Followers Gift - S3/S4 Shoes Conversion

Sunday, October 23, 2016

  • Semller Palladium Baggy AF/AM
  • Semller Cualquiere Sneakers AF/AM
  • Pixicat Bucket Boots AF
CREDITS: @semller​ and @pixicat​; thank you for the amazing meshes and cool TOU!

→ Please don't repost/reupload
→ Feel free to recolor but please don’t include the mesh and send me the link so I can reblog and enjoy it as well

** Special thanks to @inabadromance​ and the awesome people at the Sims4Studio Forum for the help. Also thank you @pyanka​, @kiruluvnst​, @inabadromance​, @bluehoppersimming​, @grilledcheese-aspiration​, @onyxeyedbeauty​,  @ohhiplumbob​, @nicole-simsessed​ and @neighboured​ for the support and play test ❤

Used in preview:
Poses by @dearkimsT-Shirt, JeansJade Top and Skirt by @missfortunesims​, Kaliah Top by toksik, Jeans 2 by @jinglestartkSkinny Pants by McLayneSims, Sleeveless Shirt (Personal Recolor) by @s4seze  and necklace by @salem2342

*** DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare
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