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Sunday, October 23, 2016

marcussims91’s Dover Bedroom
  • Bed Frame (cloned from annachibisims‘s bed frame)
  • Mattress (cloned from annachibisims’s single mattress; mesh slightly edited by me. the bed frame should also work with other single mattress)
  • Blanket
  • Dresser
  • Lamp
  • Paper Canvas
  • Pillows
  • Side Tables
  • Sport Balls
  • Wire Basket
marcussims91’s Kaleco Living Set
  • Bird Prints
  • Blanket Throw Ladder
  • Coffee Table
  • End Table
  • Living Chair
  • Living Sofa
  • Sculptural Sphere
  • Table Lamp
All credit goes to marcussims91, thank you for the incredible meshes and for allowing the conversion!
- Special thanks to booster-sims and Zingaro for the play test
That’s it! Thank you all for following me and I hope you enjoy ♥

***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare
5 comments on "dreamteamsims +1000 tumblr followers gift"
  1. hey! love all your creations!
    Do you allow recolloring with credit to you?

    1. Hi, thank you! Yes, I do allow recolors, just please don't include the mesh and make sure to also credit the original creator if it's a conversion I made, and if you can, please send me a link of your recolors so I can enjoy as well

  2. The Colors just flow together Love Love!! ♥ #Fan #creative #artistic

  3. Hi, this is one of my favourite sets! I have it in so many houses. But after last patch I'm get error with bed {sadly}. Is there any fix for this?

    1. Hi, yes, just download it again please.