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Baby/Toddler Decor - Mini Outfitters + Bebé Orgánicos (S3 to S4)

Sunday, October 23, 2016
Mini Outfitters
Bebé Orgánicos
  • Move n Groove Xylophone
  • Teeter Popper
  • Under The Sea Tummy Time Cushion
  • CREDIT: @simmeroonie at TinyToes; thank you for the lovely meshes and for giving me permission to convert them
  • Baby Care Set by Mensure
***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare (no adfly)
5 comments on "Baby/Toddler Decor - Mini Outfitters + Bebé Orgánicos (S3 to S4)"
  1. It says there is an error every time I try to go to your blog and download this. Maybe too many downloads? I really really want this CC..

    1. Maybe SimFileShare is having some problems? I just tested it and it's working fine though

  2. Thank you Naya! I was the one who was having the errors... looks like it's working just fine now. :)

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad it's working now ^_^